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Brasing steaks

Blade steak

Chuck steak

Shin of beef


Goose Skirt steak

Fore rib

Rib eye


Steak and kidney


South Weald Organic Beef


Our herd started with just 5 cows and one bull, it has grown over the years into a successful suckler herd.  Using English cows for their quality and ability to graze on natural feed ie: grass which other more commercial breeds fail to do.  As a result whilst our beef is longer to grow and mature it has a better taste, flavour and tenderness that you cannot obtain from other fast grow commercial breeds.  Because we believe in cattle spending 9/10 of their life in the open as they should do they will build a natural immune system born through there hardiness and ability to survive in adverse conditions, we do supply shelter for them open fronted sheds on the pasture to allow them some reprieve from the elements when extreme.  We hardly ever have to use medication we have never experienced CJD (mad cow disease) and indeed when foot and mouth struck some years ago our herd seemed to shrug it off and I believe that this is a result of our environmental farming methods.









Rib Eye

Braising Steak

Feather Blade

Beef Burgers

Ox Tail

Ox Kidney

French's Farm Chicken


All of our poultry is free range, fed on an organic diet of corn, and lives a natural free range life, they do not need to be kept alive on antibiotics which most intensive raised poultry needs as the infections and overcrowding in small sheds breeds disease.  Our poultry is wholesome, pure, tasty and has a happy life, this is reflected in the quality of the product.




Whole chicken

Boneless breast

Boneless thighs



Spatchcock or diced

French trimmed Chicken Supreme





Other Poultry



Duck Breasts



We support West Mersea in shore fisherman and only buy from this source.  All of the fish we supply is from sustainable stocks mainly line caught, as this is our passion for sustainable fishing.




South Weald Turkey


Our seasonal produce of turkeys, ducks and geese are also sourced from the same farms that we have used continuously these are small husband and wife run establishments  who are inspected by myself and comply with our high standards and requirements for our Christmas fare.


For a change from the traditional turkey dinner or for ideas for entertaining, we’ve also got a range of other meats such as succulent pork and beef, large chickens and legs of lamb as well as geese which are always popular at any time of year



West Mersea Salt Marsh Lamb


This lamb grazes on the salt marshes of West Mersea running down to Tollsebury in Essex, as a natural grazing area that has never had any chemicals or been ploughed to grow anything other than salt marsh grass it is ideal for sheep as they are light at foot and do not damage the infrastructure of the marsh.  As a result of a lack of intensive farming the ground produces a natural herbal based feed with the minerals and trace elements that are in the salt marsh, which gives no1 the lamb a superb flavour, no2 the natural feeding and habitation allows the lambs to mature naturally with no compound feeds being fed as other producers will do to speed the growth of their flocks.







Boneless Leg Joint


Barnsley Chops


Breast of Lamb







Neck of lamb for stews

Boneless cutlets

Stuffed breast of lamb

Racks of lamb

Dunmow Bred Pork


From Great Dunmow famed for its pigs and bacon for many years our pig man has a traditional breed of pig crossed with a more commercial boar producing a high quality, tender pork that is fed on natural feeds – root crop eg parsnips , suede etc.


The sows are allowed to range freely they are allowed to furrow naturally and the piglets are kept on the mother until weaned allowing the natural feed from the mother to enhance the growth of the piglets naturally.


Our Bacon is dry cured using salt and nothing else, it is matured and cured by using a traditional salt method that has been used for many years we cure it for up to 3 weeks where it is then washed in fresh water to remove any excess salt and then hung in a temperature controlled environment to dry.  For the smoking we use a traditional oak and beech wood for our bacon and we smoke it for 24 hrs in our own smokery, thus producing green or smoked bacon which is honest and pure with no injected water or artificial preservatives resulting in a tasty, succulent bacon that does not give off the white scum and excessive water found in other bacons, we also supply smoked knuckles of bacon, beautiful!





Boned & Rolled Leg

Boned & Rolled Shoulder

Boned & Rolled Loin

Chop with/without kidney


Belly Strips

Spare Rib Chops

Pigs Liver

Pigs Kidney



Hand and spring of pork on the bone

Thick end belly of pork

Pork spare rib chops

Pork Sausage *

Herb Sausage

Chipolatas Sausage

Pork Sizzlers

Venison Sausage


* Gluten Free



Our venison that we supply is shot on the farm it is only taken out of the herd for culling purposes to keep
the herd strong and healthy, hence we only have venison as a limited supply.



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