Spring News 2020


Looking forward to Easter

Looking forwards to the spring and summer months we have weaned the young cattle and they are back in the barns. As soon as the weather turns to a warmer dryer climate we will be turning them out in their summer grazing where they will stay to thrive and grow.  Our commitment to ensuring the health of our stock through good quality feed and living drives us through the year to ensure that we deliver the quality produce you find in the shop today.



Looking forward to Easter do not forget to order your meats for a truly organic dinner on the 12th April – we will have a selection of turkeys, geese, capon chickens, Salt Marsh spring lamb and of course our award winning South Weald beef, along with the normal supply of fish.


Easter Opening Times


10th April – Good Friday – Closed

11th April – Open as normal – 8.00am – 3.30pm

12th April – Easter Sunday – Closed



Re-open to normal times from 15th April 2020