BBQ Season

We have done the hard work for you this summer and cut our meats perfectly for your bbq.



BBQ Specials

We have BBQ skewers of chicken lamb and beef with various marinades that can be added to your taste and requirements.


Our Home-Made Marinades




Sticky Maple

Tex Mex










Our pork is free range and is fed on top quality organic feed ensuring a fuller flavour and tenderness

Pork tenderloin fillet  - ideal for a mid week casserole

Pork steaks

Pork chops (with or without kidney)

Boned and rolled shoulder of pork

Boned and rolled leg of pork

Boned and rolled loin of pork

Belly of pork for that sweet roasting dish

Pork spare ribs

Chinese style pork ribs



Our chicken is free range corn fed on best quality organic feed has no added water or additives

Whole chicken – various weights – small medium or large – quarter or half

Boneless thighs – with or without skin

Boneless breast fillet with or without skin

Drumsticks, thighs or wings



Our bacon is on farm cured using our own best quality pork, no nitrates just salt, dry cured to perfection , we also have our own smoke house, where we smoke and finish curing our pork, we also supply unsmoked bacon as well.

Bacon joints, knuckles, hand and springs, gammons

Back bacon

Streaky bacon and gammon steaks


Our sausages are made using the best quality ingredients are pure pork with no chemicals or additives or ground up nasties, all of the ingredients are organically based starting with our large plain pork sausage, large herb pork sausage, large pork sizzler (slight chilli flavour), plain chipolatas, plain sausage meat.


Opening Times


Wednesday                   08.30 - 17.00

Thursday                    08.30 - 17.00

Friday                           08.30 - 17.00

Saturday                       08:00 - 15:30




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