Our Farm

All of our produce is organic.  Here is why.

The Farm History


Frenchs Farm was formed in the early 1980’s by myself and my wife to provide quality organic food for my family.  Over the years this has grown into a small business supplying the residence of Brentwood and the surrounding areas with quality, totally traceable Organic meat.


At Frenchs Farm we have never used chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertiliser (nitrates) it has always been our concept to work in harmony with nature and put in more than we take out.  As a result of our dedication to this style of farming we have won awards for our environmental farming methods.


This ethos is also our principal in livestock farming and we never sell any products that comes from a factory style farming environment.


We have over the years built up strong relationships with fellow like minded farming families who provide us with our lamb, pork and poultry.


We are very lucky to have these contacts and more importantly we all work very closely together to provide a natural product that does not contain any harmful substances.



M J Knox



South Weald Organic Beef


Our herd started with just 5 cows and one bull, it has grown over the years into a successful suckler herd.  Using English cows for their quality and ability to graze on natural feed ie: grass which other more commercial breeds fail to do.  As a result whilst our beef is longer to grow and mature it has a better taste, flavour and tenderness that you cannot obtain from other fast grow commercial breeds.  Because we believe in cattle spending 9/10 of their life in the open as they should do they will build a natural immune system born through there hardiness and ability to survive in adverse conditions, we do supply shelter for them open fronted sheds on the pasture to allow them some reprieve from the elements when extreme.  We hardly ever have to use medication we have never experienced CJD (mad cow disease) and indeed when foot and mouth struck some years ago our herd seemed to shrug it off and I believe that this is a result of our environmental farming methods.




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